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Why did Jim Ellis open the Volvo Cars Mall of Georgia location?

We’re glad you asked…

The Jim Ellis Automotive Group will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2021 and that in itself is no small feat, but there is both history and reputation that come together in that length of time to give a company strength and credibility. Especially when it is a family-owned business that strives to treat both their employees and their customers like family.

In the end, while each dealership has its specific name that may or may not include the family brand, it is the family brand that people now look for.

From a purely marketing standpoint, it is always intriguing to recognize the amount of online traffic that is tied to the Jim Ellis brand.

Anybody can look for “Volvo dealership near me” but you know there is something special when the brand is demanded along with it as in “Jim Ellis Volvo.”

When it comes down to it, the “Proof Is In The Pudding” as they say.

To give you an idea, it is very difficult to win an auto manufacturer (often referred to as an “OEM”) franchise dealership.

Very few opportunities are even issued by the OEM (manufacturer) and everybody in the automotive space desires one. A luxury brand like Volvo is even more desirable for anyone but especially the smaller family-owned businesses like Jim Ellis Automotive Group.

What makes our acquisition of Volvo Mall of Georgia so significant, is that this opportunity was offered to us.

It was to be the first Volvo dealership in the Gwinnett county market in over a decade since the previous one closed during the financial crisis of 2008.

The Southeast regional director at the time, John Kendig, was so impressed by the culture and reputation of the family-owned and operated Jim Ellis Family of dealerships… and in particular their Volvo Cars of Marietta location (acquired in 2012), that he recommended them to Volvo for a second dealership.

Volvo was happy to take the recommendation and offer the opportunity to the Jim Ellis Family and they jumped on it.

It’s no surprise either that when asked, “Jimmy” (Jimmy Ellis – President & CEO of Jim Ellis Automotive Group), stated that his favorite Volvo model is the XC90 as it is the leading model in sales because it delivers so well the brand essence of Volvo; Luxury, Style, Technology, and Safety in one of the most popular models in the luxury crossover segment.

Ultimately the goal for the Jim Ellis Volvo dealership is to be the best luxury brand dealer in the Mall of Georgia market. To be the best in delivering luxury automotive mobility at a value and offer an experience that is unique to the area and the high standards of the Jim Ellis brand.

Since opening in the summer of 2017, Volvo Cars Mall of Georgia has seen tremendous growth in vehicle sales. Consistently outselling market expectations in Certified Pre-owned (CPO) vehicles has been a particular mark with the honors of leading both the region and the nation.

Service and Parts departments continue to grow at great rates as well.

Despite the trials that the entire automotive industry has faced in early 2020, Jim Ellis Volvo is on track to meet their expected marks for year three also.

So if you’ve never experienced the magic that is the “Jim Ellis Volvo” experience, please take time and come visit!

You are ALWAYS welcome! Rest assured we’ll treat you like family.

Jim Ellis Automotive, where you can ALWAYS expect the best!!
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