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Did you know that you could be having your Volvo serviced without leaving your home or office at no additional cost?
Next time your Volvo needs service, your experience could look something like this with Volvo Valet:  
  • You select a date, time and location of your choosing for vehicle pick-up via the internet, phone or app.
  • Your pick-up time is confirmed and you use the Volvo Valet App to track the location of the Volvo employee that is coming to pick up your vehicle.
  • Your vehicle is picked up at by a trusted Volvo Cars MOG staff member and you are provided a Volvo of your choosing from our loaner fleet.
  • Throughout the process, you receive status updates and vehicle location via the app. 
  • Your Volvo is returned and your loaner vehicle picked up at a date, time and location of your choosing.
All this is possible through the Volvo Valet program and currently at no additional cost to you if you purchased your Volvo from Volvo Cars MOG. This transparent maintenance process can help make your life a little less complicated.
“We were the first dealer to offer this service in Atlanta for Volvo,” said Volvo Cars Mall of Georgia General Manager Tim Dalton. “We will continue to utilize the program as long as we can. We are currently the only dealer you can schedule same-day and we have a large fleet of Volvos readily available if a customer were to request driving a different model.”

Piloted at Volvo Cars MOG beginning in January 2019, the program takes on a new meaning during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic when people are looking for ways to limit in-person shopping and interactions. The pandemic prompted Volvo Cars MOG to make the valet service even more convenient by doing away with the radius for pick up and waiving any fees associated with the service for Volvo Cars MOG customers.
You can download the Volvo Valet App via the Apple store or Google Play on your smartphone or tablet. Be sure to use it the next time you schedule service with Volvo Cars MOG for a convenient and easy-to-manage option. 
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