When you use your vehicle for daily commutes, you can often spend hours in your car each week. Have you ever thought about what you are breathing in from the cabin of that vehicle during that time? Volvo models have considered this health hazard and have implemented air purification technology to ensure drivers and passengers breathe clean air while driving around Buford. Allergies and asthma can be worsened by pollution in the air around you, so Volvo has taken a step towards reducing bacteria and pollutants in the air you breathe, thanks to their cutting-edge air purification technology.

How Does It Work?

Volvo has designed an Advanced Air Cleaner, which is available on all new 90- and 60-Series Volvo models. This unit can remove up to 99.9% of grass, pollen, and tree allergens from the air inside the cabin. The system is certified by the Allergy Standards Limited (ASL), a program that independently certifies products suited for people with allergy and/or asthma concerns near Suwanee.

Not only does this system function well for its intended purposes, but you can also monitor the results. Volvo drivers can simply glance at the gauge on the center display and see real-time air and pollen levels in the cabin as they drive around Lawrenceville.

Benefits of Volvo's Air Purification System

Volvo vehicles are now equipped with a PM 2.5 Sensor in their cabin to ensure the highest air quality level is maintained. Up to 95% of these particles are kept out of the air in Volvo models near Gainesville, GA, thanks to a synthetic fiber-based filter that assists ionization. Volvo's Air Purification System's main benefit is keeping passengers as healthy as possible by removing allergens and airborne viruses. The world around us is filled with bacteria and pollutants. You shouldn't worry about avoiding these particles in your car when driving

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