In November, Volvo successfully launched their flagship all-electric SUV, the EX90. The 2024 model of the EX90 is available for preorder in the United States at volvocars.com/us. Pre-order customers will be able to configure and customize their EX90 beginning in the fall of 2023, and their orders will be prioritized for delivery in 2024. Pricing for the 7-seater SUV begins around $80,000. 
The evolution of Volvo has led to futuristic software and vehicle design. One of the most exciting, unprecedented features of the EX90 is the occupant sensing system. The EX90 can sense the driver’s eye gaze concentration. This technology can sense if the driver is not actively engaged in driving and has the capability of safely brining the vehicle to a stop and calling for help if it senses the driver has fallen asleep. Additionally, this system notifies the driver if it senses a child or animal is left behind in a vehicle by not allowing the driver to lock the vehicle and displaying a reminder on the center console screen. It also offers the capability of temperature control to lessen the risk of accidental heat stroke in an unattended vehicle. 
The EX90 features a combination of cameras, sensors, and lidar which create a 360-degree safety shield around the vehicle. This system, named Luminar, scans the roadway in front of the driver, looking for obstacles ahead, allowing the driver more time to identify and react to any debris, traffic, or unexpected stimulus in the roadway.
Thanks to innovative technological advances and regular over-the-air updates, the EX90 will get smarter and safer overtime as it collects data. All these systems combine to increase the reliability and overall performance of Volvo’s Pilot Assist, the assisted driving function, adding additional steering support while changing lanes. This technology and Luminar make the EX90 the first Volvo ready for future advancements, including unsupervised driving capabilities. 
The EX90 features a 14.5-inch center screen, with the visualization capabilities of Unreal Engine—a 3D tool developed by Epic Games—and the computing power of Snapdragon’ Cockpit Platforms. These technologies work together to show infinite detail and provide a luxurious viewing experience for Volvo customers. Volvo did not cut any corners with the sound system either. The EX90 is the first time a Volvo is equipped with the Bowers & Wilkins audio system featuring Dolby Atmos. The system also includes headrest-integrated speakers for immersive sound, truly taking the Volvo comfort experience to the next level.
As the first full size, electric SUV by Volvo, the EX90 is expected to drive up to 300 miles of tailpipe emission-free driving range on a single charge. With the appropriate charger, it is expected to charge from 10% to 80% in about 30 minutes. The exceptional battery allows for bi-directional charging, making this SUV perfect for urban and rural drivers. 
“The Volvo EX90 is a statement for where we are, and where we are going,” said Jim Rowan, Volvo’s chief executive. “It’s fully electric with a range of up to 300 miles on a single charge, designed to further raise our safety standards, the first Volvo car to be truly defined by its software and part of a wider ecosystem, connecting to your home and your other devices. The Volvo EX90 is the start of something new for Volvo Cars in many ways.”
By 2040, Volvo anticipates being a climate-neutral company. They are working towards this ambition in many ways, including utilizing recycled materials in the manufacturing of their fleet. In particular, the Volvo EX90 contains approximately 15% of recycled steel, 25% of recycled aluminum as well as over 105 pounds of recycled plastics and bio-based materials, which corresponds to around 15% of the total plastic used in the car – the highest level of any Volvo car to date. Additionally, Volvo, beginning with the EX90, plans to reveal one new fully electric car each year. 
The EX90 has been highly anticipated, and Volvo is looking forward to hearing consumer feedback. Contact a Volvo Cars Mall of Georgia Brand Specialist at 470-655-3700 for additional details.

Source: Volvo Car USA
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