Volvo BLIS System Overview

Volvo Blind Spot System

The blind spot. It's one of those pesky problems that will pop up for as long as humans drive cars. Fortunately for you, all new Volvo Cars models come standard with the Volvo Blind Spot Information System. It takes one of the problems that plagues drivers most and turns checking your blindspot into an easier task that can be quickly accomplished without taking too much focus off of the road in front of you. Whether you're looking to merge onto the freeway, change lanes, or just avoid someone who is doing either of those tasks much too recklessly, you'll enjoy having the Volvo BLIS sensor on deck at all times.

Breaking Down the Blind Spot Information System

The Volvo BLIS system is a function available in new Volvo Cars that provides support for the driver when driving conditions are more crowded than preferable. Dense roads with lanes filled to their gills with cars can feel like you're stewing in a big pot of frantic worry. As cars speed past and you near your exit or try to get into the thick of the highway, each minor movement feels like it matters way too much.

The blind spot information system inside new Volvo Cars models will help you take a breath, pause, and move confidently when the time is right. It is designed to react in the safest manner when the vehicle you're driving is overtaken by other vehicles on the road around you or if your vehicle is quickly caught up to before you make your next move. The door panel where the danger is lurking will light up with a constant glow. If the situation becomes more dangerous, the Volvo Blind Spot Information System will flash the light. You'll be able to immediately identify the signal and determine if the coast is clear for a lane change.

The Volvo Blind Spot Information System can be activated or deactivated by simply pressing the BLIS button on the center console or in the car's MYCAR menu system. When turning the system on, the door panel indicator lamps will flash once to let you know they're ready to roll. Your instrument panel will also confirm that you've turned the system on or off through a text message. Once you're authenticated, your system will complete the process you told it to do.

Frequently Asked Questions About Volvo Blind Spot Information System

Local drivers always come in and ask us about what's pushing the industry forward at the tip of the spear of automotive evolution. They want to know about the biggest trends in forward-thinking fuel sources, cutting-edge car designs that will redefine speed and power for every day drivers, and how the industry plans to continue to keep drivers and passengers safe in the coming years.

As a result, we've fielded a ton of questions about all of the amazing standard features within the Volvo Cars Intellisafe Suite. Volvo Cars leads the way when it comes to keeping everyone in the cabin safe and sound from start to finish. It's been the core component of our car company since the very first days of Volvo Cars.

What is the Volvo BLIS Package?

If you've ever had some trepidation about whether another driver is lurking in a spot you can't see as you make a move in the high-paced fury of the highway, the Volvo Blind Spot Information System is for you. Thanks to a super intelligent network of safety-assistance features, your car will let you know if there's a driver located around the perimeter of your car in a place they shouldn't be. Once there's a safe and unoccupied area for your car to slide over into, the BLIS will show that as well.

How often is Volvo Blind Spot Information System service required?

Service on the Volvo Blind Spot Information System isn't tied to a particular date or mile marker, but an authorised Volvo Cars service department is recommended for any repair of an internal safety system or for repainting the bumpers built around the system. Do not trust such a valuable piece of on-the-go software to just anybody. A Volvo Cars technician has been trained up on all models and has familiarized themselves with the Volvo BLIS system review well in advance of your arrival. These energetic and uber-intelligent professionals will take care of your car as if it's their own, including making sure your safety programs are running optimally whenever you bring in your car for Volvo service.

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