Volvo Tire Services Buford GA

Volvo Tire Services Buford GA

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No matter what your day-to-day looks like, chances are you are behind the wheel of your Volvo vehicle a lot from carpooling duties to your commute to and from work. All that time on the road means that your tires are doing a lot of work and it is important that they are taken care of. Your Volvo's tires are the only point of contact that your vehicle has with the road, making them one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Our service department put together a few ways that you can take care of your tires with a visit to our service department here at Volvo Cars Mall of Georgia, so keep reading below to learn more about them.

Tire Services:

Regular Tire Rotations: Did you know that the front tires on your Volvo vehicle generally wear down faster than those in the rear because they do more work? They are in charge of directing your vehicle where you want it to go. There is no need to worry about that though, because with routine tire rotations, you can ensure all four are wearing down equally. There are a number of rotation patterns that can be used, and your mechanic will determine which your Volvo needs based on things like current wear and the drivetrain. We suggest you make an appointment to get your Volvo's tires rotated every 6,000 miles.

Monitor Tire Pressure: Air pressure is another important part of tire care. Each Volvo model has its own instructions for air pressure because it is based on things like the suspension, vehicle weight, and steering design. There are two places to find these instructions, the owner's manual generally located in the glove compartment and the driver's door jamb on a sticker. To ensure that you are getting a proper read, we suggest that you check the air pressure with a manual gauge. If you are not sure how to do this, or just don't have the time in your day, our service department is here for you!

Monitor Tire Tread: We briefly talked about the tread of your tires when it comes to rotations but there are also other factors that can lead to tire wear like routine driving and  rough terrain, all things that are part of life. These treads are very important though, as they serve as your contact with the road and if they are too worn they won't be able to deliver the traction you need leading to unsafe driving conditions. You can check the tread yourself with the penny test or we can take care of it when we rotate your tires!

Annual Wheel Alignments: Another important tire service that we offer here at the Volvo Cars Mall of Georgia service department is wheel alignments. Your wheels to be properly aligned to ensure even wear of your tires and that your Volvo doesn't pull to the right or left. There are a number of reasons your wheels can be knocked out of alignment like potholes, rough terrain or hitting a curb. Our mechanics and techs will use the tools in our service department to make sure your Volvo's wears are aligned correctly.

Scheduling a Service Appointment with Volvo Cars Mall of Georgia

Here at Volvo Cars Mall of Georgia, we want you to feel safe behind the wheel of your Volvo vehicle and part of that is making sure that your tires are in tip-top shape. If your tires need to be topped off with air or perhaps they haven't been rotated in quite a while, book an appointment with our service department. Our mechanics will make sure that your tires are in good condition in regards to the tread, air pressure, and even the alignment. There are a few ways that you can book an appointment with us. We suggest giving us a call and speaking with one of our service advisors or fill out our appointment request form on our website. We look forward to seeing you and your Volvo soon!

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