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  • Tim Dalton
    General Manager

    Tim moved to Atlanta in May of 2017 to help start the brand new Volvo Cars Mall of Georgia Dealership.  He is a United States Army veteran who brings 11 years of Volvo experience to the team and 19 years total of Automotive Experience.

    Tim is married and has four kids, twin girls and two boys and is a huge Iowa State Cyclone fan.    

    He was currently awarded Automotive News 40 under 40 award for 2018 as one of the top performers of high caliber talent that are making a difference in the automotive industry under the age of 40.

    Tim is from Minden, Iowa, which is a small town 40 minutes east of Omaha, Nebraska.  

    Favorite Volvo Model - Volvo C30

  • Richard Nourie
    Sales Manager

    Richard calls Suwanee his home now. Going to college for a Criminal Justice degree, but life sent him down a different path.

    He is married with one daughter.

    Richard was "Person of the Year" in 2006 by Time magazine. 

    Favorite model: XC60

  • Rex Graham
    Sales Manager

    Rex moved here from Miami Beach, Florida in 2017.

    He is an adrenaline junkie constantly trying to step out of his comfort zone from cliff diving to water skiing.
    He also claims to have never lost at a game of rock, paper, scissors.

    His favorite Volvo is a XC60 Inscription model  

  • Ken Wang
    Business Manager

    Ken moved to the Atlanta area in 1993 from Taiwan.  He is a fat kid at heart with a love for the gym.

    He has worked as a hibachi chef for 8 years where he has served Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.

    Favorite model:XC40

  • Denton Gupton
    Sales Manager

    Denton is an Atlanta native that attended Indiana University in Bloomington.  After university, he moved to the Washington D.C. Metro area for a few years before returning to Atlanta in 2015.  He has a deep need for speed when he drives and Volvo is his favorite make.  His favorite car ever that he has driven is Volvo's 850 R Estate.

  • Rich Bruns
    Service Manager

    Rich is a dog person from Huntington Station New York.

    He is an accomplished bowler racking up 12 perfect games.
    Bowling isn't the only sport he enjoys, he is a football fan with his team being the NY Giants.....please no judgment. 

    Favorite model: S60 R-Design

  • Daniel Berwind
    Parts Manager

    Daniel came to Atlanta at the age of 4 from Rochester, NY

    He has a deep passion to travel the world with his wife and son.
    A big soccer fan with his club being Atlanta United, he much rather watch his son play. 

    Favorite model: XC60

  • Steven Rowe
    Inventory Director

    Steven is an army veteran who served in desert storm. He was born in Kansas but calls Jacksonville FL his hometown.  He is a gamer at heart from boardgames to electronic ones. While he was in Jacksonville he joined up with the St. Augustine Pirates.

    Favorite model: 2019 S60 R-design/Polestar

  • Collin Minch
    Client Communication Manager

    Collin was born in Jacksonville, FL but calls Inglis, FL his home

    Enjoys spending time outdoors mainly fishing or hiking.
    He has a love for cooking and testing new recipes on his family whether good or bad. 

    Favorite model: Wagon series with R-Design

  • David Windholz
    Sales Consultant

    David is an Atlanta native from East Cobb and graduated from Walton Highschool then the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.  

    Before coming to the automotive industry he used to own and publish Atlanta Golf Magazine.

    Favorite model:V90 Cross Country

  • Zach Cardaropoli
    Sales Consultant

    Zach is originally from Hamilton, Ohio but at the age of 5, his family moved to the Atlanta area.

    He is able to pat his head, rub his belly, and hop on one foot at the same time.

    Favorite model:Volvo Wagons 

  • Louis Dymant
    Sales Consultant

  • Justin Barnes
    Sales Consultant

    Justin was born in Russel, PA but moved to the Atlanta area in mid-2018

    His favorite past time is doing leg extensions at the gym while playing his guitar.
    Fondest memory is getting a foil Charizard Pokemon card.

    Favorite Model: Either the XC60 or S60.

  • Trevor James
    Sales Consultant

    Trevor is from the St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

    He has a deep love for books and finishes a new one every week or two. He is also a massive fan of the tropics and visits the beach whenever he can.

    Favorite Model: Is every model, he is Volvo's biggest fan.

  • Justin Jacoby

    Justin is from Endwell, NY and only recently moved to the Atlanta area in September.

    He played running back during his time in college.

    Then after college became a national level bodybuilder. 

    Favorite model: 2019 S60 R-Design  

  • Dalin Zeng

    Dalin has been in the Automotive industry for over 19 years. 

    He moved to America in 1987 from Chengdu, China.  
    Shortly after coming to Volvo he won our store's dance competition.

     His favorite Volvo is: S-60 

  • Keith Williams
    Sales Consultant

    Keith Williams moved to Atlanta in March of 2019.  2019 will mark his 32nd year in the automotive industry with Volvo being the favorite brand he has worked with.  When he is not helping people find the car of their dreams, he enjoys cooking and dancing around the kitchen while smooth jazz or 80's rock plays in the background.

  • Danielle Hines

    Danielle was born and raised in Ashland, KY.  

    She has a personal love of racing and taking long trips on her motorcycle. The lake is where her heart belongs but she is happier near any body of water. She is currently going back to school to be a cardiologist.

    She has two kids who have both served in our country's armed forces with one still enlisted.

  • Ariana Lopez

    Ariana was born in Passaic, New Jersey. She moved to Georgia in mid-2007.

    She is currently going to college for a Criminal Justice Major and plans to graduate in 2020.  She loves watching crime shows and documentaries when she is not hiking to reduce stress from school.  

  • Marcus Wise
    Service Advisor

    Marcus has been in Atlanta from 11 years.

    He has never lost at a game of Twister. He appreciates all of our customers due to the fact that by coming to us, you become family.
    The most important fact about him is that he is a saints fan. 
    WHO DAT!

    Favorite model: XC60 R-Design 

  • Michael Kelly
    Service Advisor

    Michael is a true North Georgian all the way.  Living his whole life in the Atlanta area. 

    He loves to travel the country drag racing in his 1,000 horsepower caddy.
    Also, a sports lover with his favorite teams being the Dawgs and Falcons.

    Favorite model: S60 R-Design

  • Chris Corbitt
    Parts Consultant

    Chris is from Jacksonville, FL but moved to the Atlanta area in 2001.

    He loves to spend time with his wife, son, and daughter.  
    During his free time, he enjoys the outdoors mainly expressing it through kayaking.

    Favorite model: XC60

  • Richard DiFiore
    Parts Consultant

    Richard or Richie as he is known in the dealership has been in the auto industry for over 40 years.  

    He is from Smithtown, New York then moved to Wilmington, North Carolina before settling in the Atlanta area.

    He has a deep love for cooking and enjoys trying new recipes.

    Favorite model: C30 Hatchback

  • Justin Krix

    Justin is an Atlanta native with a need for speed.  While he enjoys watching races he'd drive his Mazda RX-7 in a race.

    His nickname in the shop is Grumpy Panda

    He is married to a lovely wife with four kids and a soon to be a grandfather.

    Favorite model: Either 2001 C70 Coupe with the high-pressure turbo or 2013 T6 AWD S60 with Polestar   

  • Chris Nunn

    Chris is from Louisville, KY and moved to Atlanta 11 years ago.

    He is an accomplished Volvo master tech and hybrid tech.

    Favorite model: S60 R-Design 

  • Akeam Tyrell

    Akeem is from Brooklyn but moved to Atlanta in 2009.

    He is named after Eddie Murphy's Character Prince Akeem in the film "Coming to America"

    Favorite model: V70

  • Chaz Layton

    Chaz moved to the Atlanta are in 2000 from Groton, CT

    His passion for fixing cars when he was young became his job as a Volvo tech.

    His dream candle scent is racing fuel

    Favorite model: 2019 XC90 R-Design with Polestar 

  • Noah Rowe
    Delivery Specialist

    Noah was born in Piqua, Ohio but moved to Jacksonville, Florida soon before settling in Atlanta.

    He has a love for mountains, horses, and camping with a fascination for the wild west.

    Favorite model: C70/C30

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