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Volvo Service Center In Buford, Near Atlanta

Welcome to our Volvo service department. We are your home for reliable Volvo repair in Buford, GA. To keep your new Volvo SUV running like she just rolled off the assembly line, routine auto maintenance is essential. Our Volvo service center staffs a team of professional auto mechanics who have the training and certifications to maintain your Volvo sedan to the factory standard of performance and safety. If your Volvo Cross Country is due for her next oil change, schedule your auto repair with our team.

The state-of-the-art Volvo service department at our local dealership is ready to tackle all of your auto repair needs near Atlanta. From flat tire repair to check engine light diagnosis to new wiper blade installations, our team can do it all. Give our Volvo service center a call and let us know how we can help.

When your new Volvo crossover is due for factory scheduled maintenance or you aren't sure how long you should go between brake jobs, our team can answer all of your questions. We maintain a service history log of all the repairs we make on your vehicle as well as the parts we install. If you need a component replaced or repaired under the Volvo Customer Lifetime Parts Warranty, we can tell you everything you need to do to book your appointment and take advantage of free parts and labor.

Synthetic Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are a critical part of ensuring the healthy operation of your vehicle. We have the synthetic oil and OEM-approved filter for your vehicle. Motor oil cools your car's engine and lubricates moving metal parts. When your sedan is due for an oil and filter change, contact our Volvo service department to book your synthetic oil change.

Synthetic Oil Vs. Conventional Oil

Before there was synthetic oil, there was conventional motor oil. Auto manufacturers made the switch to synthetic for many reasons. One reason is that synthetic oil doesn't break down as quickly as traditional motor oil, allowing drivers to go longer between oil changes. When you bring your car in for a Volvo oil change, she will most likely have synthetic oil in the crankcase. At that time, the mechanics in our Volvo service center near Atlanta will install the correct-weight oil and a genuine OEM Volvo oil filter for your vehicle.

When Should I Change My Oil?

When it comes to Volvo oil change frequency, every new Volvo SUV for sale has a factory service schedule. If you have any questions about how often you should change the oil in your new Volvo XC90, feel free to call our service department. We can look up your service history and tell you when your last oil change was.

Be sure to check the mileage on your vehicle before you call. That way, we can see if you're due for service and book your appointment over the phone if needed. Before you bring your car in for a Volvo oil change in Buford, GA, be sure to browse our service specials for Volvo coupons on oil changes.

Why Volvo Cars Mall of Georgia?

The Volvo Cars Mall of Georgia service department is here for all of your Volvo oil change appointments and every other bit of routine maintenance your car requires to keep her running in optimal condition. While Volvo vehicles are known for their safety and reliability, routine service appointments are required to replace consumable parts, such as synthetic motor oil, filters, brake pads, and tires. To help you save on auto repair, we regularly offer discounts on tire rotations and coupons on Volvo oil changes.

When your car is due for a Volvo oil change, make your appointment with our auto shop.

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Alignment and Tire rotation

Friction from the road gradually wears down the tires on your new Volvo SUV. If the wheels and tires are out of alignment, uneven tire wear can occur and diminish the longevity of your tires. Come to our Volvo service department for tire rotations, pressure checks, and computerized wheel alignment if you've recently hit a curb or pothole.

After you purchase a new set of all-season tires from our Volvo parts center or you bring your car in for a Volvo tire rotation, you might want to know how long your car's tires will last. A Volvo tire alignment is a great way to ensure the even wear of the tread on your new Volvo SUV's tires.

What Is a Volvo Tire Alignment?

A tire is a three-dimensional object, which means it exists on three planes of motion. A Volvo tire alignment accounts for all three axes: camber, toe, and caster. If the wheels and tires are knocked out of any one of those angles, it will adversely affect the performance and the lifespan of your car's tires.

If your car pulls to one side of the lane, you might have one or more tires out of alignment. Maybe you recently hit a pothole or parking block. If so, bring your car in for a quick alignment check. The slightest misalignment can cause uneven tire wear. It's important to have it corrected as soon as possible.

After you visit our tire center for a Volvo tire replacement, protect your investment and maximize the life of your car's tires with a Volvo tire alignment.

Why Are Volvo Tire Alignment Checks Important?

Regular tire rotations and alignment checks are part of routine vehicle maintenance, just like synthetic oil changes and brake jobs. To help you save on the cost of a Volvo tire alignment and new tires, we offer parts specials and service discounts on Volvo oil changes throughout the year. When you book an appointment for a Volvo tire rotation in Buford, GA, be sure to check our website for discounts on new tires for sale.

Uneven tire wear can quickly lead to a bald tire. A bald or patchy tire is a serious safety concern because it will have a lack of traction when braking, can lead to hydroplaning in the rain, and potentially cause a blowout. Don't put the safety of your passengers and other motorists at risk. Come to Volvo Cars Mall of Georgia for Volvo tire alignment and tire rotation services near Atlanta.

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Battery & Battery Cable Repair

If your Volvo sedan is having difficulty starting, you might be due for a new battery. Come to our dealership for a quick battery test and inspection. We can perform a visual inspection of the battery cables, wires, and terminal posts for signs of damage or corrosion and determine if the battery needs to be replaced.

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Brake Pad & Rotor Replacement

If the brakes on your new Volvo sedan are squeaking when you stop, or your car pulls to one side of the road when you slow down, you might be due for new brake pads and rotors. Don't risk your automotive safety. Come to our Volvo service center for a quick brake inspection and brake repair.

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Transmission Service

If your Volvo vehicle is missing shifts or is failing to deliver smooth shifts and swift acceleration, she might need new transmission fluid or an automatic transmission repair. Come to our Volvo service department for a transmission fluid flush, and we'll make sure the gears are all running smoothly again. We also offer manual transmission and clutch repair services.

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Check Engine Light Diagnostic

The check engine light has illuminated on your car's dashboard, and you don't know what it means. We've all been there. Instead of covering it up with electrical tape, come to our Volvo service department. We can diagnose the check engine light and tell you if you didn't tighten the gas cap or there's a significant problem.

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Heating/Cooling System Service

A loss in cooling or heating capability can dramatically impact the enjoyment of your vehicle. There's no need to endure a failed climate control system. To repair your car's heater or recharge the air conditioner refrigerant, bring your vehicle to our dealership for reliable Volvo repair and a quick AC recharge.

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Wiper Blade Replacement

Over time, the rubber windshield wiper blades on your car can dry out and become cracked. Leaving you with a streaked windshield. If the wipers on your new Volvo crossover aren't clearing your windshield as they should, swing by our Volvo service center for replacement wiper blades for sale and new wiper blade installation.

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Volvo Certified Collision Center

If your car was recently vandalized, damaged in a hail storm, or involved in the unfortunate event of an accident, come to our Volvo certified collision center for a professional auto body repair. We install OEM auto parts and factory-approved components to ensure the correct operation of your vehicle inside and out.

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40k / 80k / 120k Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Your new Volvo Cross Country wagon comes with a factory scheduled maintenance schedule to ensure components are maintained and replaced at the proper intervals. When your car is due for routine auto maintenance, book your appointment at our Volvo service department. See your owner's manual for a full schedule of services and timeline, or call our dealership.

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See Us At Volvo Cars Mall Of Georgia For Auto Repair

If you have questions about any of the auto repair services we offer, or you can't remember when your next factory scheduled maintenance is, please get in touch with our dealership. We can answer any questions you have about how often you should change the oil or rotate the tires on your new Volvo SUV, then book your service appointment over the phone if you're due for brake pad and rotor replacement or transmission service. Get in touch today and let us know how our Volvo service department can keep you and your car on the roads of Buford, GA.


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