Used Volvo V60 For Sale In Buford Near Atlanta, GA

If you're thinking about buying a used Volvo V60 in Buford, GA, then you've got to read this page! We'll tell you everything you need to know about her essential features, warranty details, and buyer benefits when you go shopping for one at the mall - the Volvo Cars Mall of Georgia, that is! Scan our inventory of used Volvo V60 wagons and discover the reasons why Volvo V60 enthusiasts love them so much.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Used Volvo V60 Wagon

If you live anywhere near Atlanta, GA, you're no stranger to life on the go and life behind the wheel. You need performance. You need style. You need a modern-day catch-all with plenty of room to spare. Your next used Volvo V60 has all this and more. So without further ado:

Reason #10: SUV-Like Room. Car-Like Comfort.

Well, that says it all. Load in your gear, your fam, your special projects, your shopping, and sundries from all those extra stops along the way. With a max cargo volume of 51 cubic feet with the seats down and 23 cubes with all seats up, you've got plenty of room for, well, everything.

Reason #9: Variety & Selection.

Your used Volvo V60 for sale at the Mall can take on many forms. Choose from the classic Momentum, dynamic R-Design, opulent Inscription, adventure-ready Cross Country, eco-friendly hybrids, or the bespoke Engineered by Polestar for total performance.

Reason #8: 'Cuz She's a Wagon.

This is the classic estate vehicle. Before the mini-van, before the SUV, there was the wagon. This coveted body style defined a segment, and though modernized by Volvo Cars, she evokes a sense of nostalgia for days gone by.

Reason #7: Plenty of Powertrains.

Find a pre-owned Volvo V60 with 250hp, 415hp, FWD, AWD, & eAWD. The road is yours (as well as the places that don't have roads). All of these configurations are bolted right up to a specially-tuned eight-speed automatic transmission. All models have selectable drive modes and a specialized mode for you to configure to taste.

Reason #6: Packed With Awesomeness.

Though the "V" in Volvo V60 stands for "versatility," we like to think that the word value would also be an adequate description. Packed into every trim level, you'll find features like LED lighting, blind-spot monitoring, lane-keep assist, lane departure warning, front & rear collision alerts, traffic sign recognition, driver alertness monitor, brake assist, oncoming collision mitigation, run-off-road protection, and leather seating. Other luxury brands start you out on vinyl. Is that really luxury?

Reason #6: Tons of Tech.

If you're a lover of the modern drive, you'll find plenty here - as standard - to make life behind the wheel a better place to be. You've got keyless entry, keyless start, smart device connectivity, over 22" of digital displays, touchscreen infotainment, voice command, WiFi, remote start, remote climate control, and more.

Reason #5: Five Layers of Steel Protect You & Yours.

It's more expensive to build a car this way, but that's what you're looking for as part of the Volvo Cars package: industry-leading safety. While other OEMs skimp on materials, you can relax a bit more knowing that a specially designed cage is optimized to deflect, diminish, and disperse impact energy in the event of a collision. Volvo Cars has boldly stated that no one will be seriously injured or killed by or in a Volvo car from 2020 forward. This is part of the reason why they can make that bold claim.

Reason #4: You Can Drive for Free.

Free energy, anyone? If you've chosen to go green with our used Volvo V60 PHEV model, you can take advantage of over 400 free charging stations near Atlanta, GA, & Buford combined. With the ability to cruise up to an EPA-rated 22 miles of emissions-free driving, you could never pay for gas or energy again - depending on your daily driving habits.

Reason #3: Endless Versatility.

Whether you're cruising the coast, tackling the inner city, or heading into the lush wilderness, your used Volvo V60 is ready to be equipped with lifestyle packs that cater to you. Select from numerous pet-carrying solutions, child safety & restraint accessories, all-weather protection, and rooftop cargo management systems. When properly equipped, your wagon can tow along an adventure trailer, small watercraft, and other powered leisure equipment.

Reason #2: You Get the Jim Ellis Experience.

When you're here, you're valued. We take the time to get to know you, your needs, and your objectives. We'd be happy to help you 100% online if that's your preference, but we'll also take all the time you need on-site to explore models, features, and pricing of that perfect used Volvo V60 from our inventory.

Reason #1: Price.

This is the key driver for nearly all of our pre-owned customers. You'll enjoy buying your used Volvo V60 with substantial savings from the original sticker price. The best part is, our inventory is made up of vehicles from the latest generation. Enjoy all of the latest features without the FOMO. Our offers on used models are always priced to make ownership more attractive, and our finance department can help you find a great rate and structure for an optimized payment.

Will My Used Volvo V60 in Atlanta Have a Warranty?

One way or another, she will! Here's what we mean: If your used Volvo V60 is a recently retired courtesy car or manager's demo, she'll enjoy the balance of her new car warranty. If she's from the last five years with less than 80K miles, there's a strong probability that she'll be a certified pre-owned Volvo V60. Available from our Volvo Certified Pre-Owned collection, our CPO Volvo V60 will let you enjoy benefits like an unlimited mileage powertrain warranty for up to 10 years. Key coverage points include $0 deductible repairs, a lifetime warranty on covered repairs with Genuine service, a limited trial of Volvo OnCall services, roadside assistance, and more. Should you find a used Volvo V60 without any remaining warranty, our finance department can furnish several products so that you can drive off with the confidence you need.

Need a Used Volvo V60? Find Yours at the Mall!

The Volvo Cars Mall of Georgia is here to help you feel like you've got a family member in the business. We fully understand that buying a car can be tough, but we're here to make things easy. In fact, we live for that moment when one of our guests takes their keys and says, "Wow, that was really easy." It is then when we know we've done our job. Discover the Volvo car you've always wanted from our inventory, then click or call to let our sales specialists know which one you've got your eye on. Sit back, relax, and let us make it happen!