Volvo XC90 Lease Deals, Offers and Specials

Signing a Volvo XC90 lease deal gives you access to an automobile that industry experts can't stop raving about year after year. The most authoritative voices in the car sphere respect this midsize SUV for its entire makeup from end to end. The most recent model took home the Kelley Blue Book 5-Year Cost to Own Award for providing superior value inside a car clothed in gorgeous materials that complements the state-of-the-art safety technology. This continued a long line of award-winning SUVs from Volvo Cars. In 2020, the car available right now for Volvo XC90 leasing took home a litany of honors. Consumer Guide and the Texas Auto Writers Association named the midsize SUV the Automotive Best Buy & Mid-Size Luxury SUV of Texas, respectively. If that doesn't intrigue you and your family of fun-chasers, perhaps this last designation will:

Autotrader named the Volvo XC90 on its very exclusive Car of the Decade list. Out of the 15 cars to be given this prestigious honor, the model behind our Volvo XC90 lease deals was the only luxury SUV.

A trio of tantalizing trim levels are available in our Volvo XC90 lease deals and all deliver a first-class travel experience every time you open the garage door. Seat up to seven inside a cabin that feels like you rolled up the living room and took it with you. Here are the trim levels featured in our Volvo XC90 lease offers.

  • Volvo XC90 Momentum
  • Volvo XC90 Inscription
  • Volvo XC90 R-Design
XC90 T6 AWD Momentum

XC90 T6 AWD Momentum

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XC90 Recharge Inscription Expression

XC90 Recharge Inscription Expression

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How many miles are allowed on Volvo XC90 leases?

Standard mileage plans for Volvo XC90 lease deals allow up to 15,000 miles on a yearly basis, but other totals are available as well. If you think you'll exceed this standard base, then opt for the loftier high-mileage plan of 30,000. If this is a second car, or you don't think you'll be leaning on her every day, the lower mileage plan may work better for you. We offer a plan that maxes out at 7,500 miles per year so that drivers in all kinds of situations have their needs met.

What is the overage fee?

If you do happen to exceed the mileage limit on your Volvo XC90 lease, it may end up costing you heavily. Every single mile after the mileage term has been exceeded will incur a charge of $0.25 per mile once you're enrolled in the new Volvo Subscription program.

Is routine maintenance included on Volvo XC90 leases?

Routine maintenance is a part of the comprehensive suite of services you get when leasing a Volvo Cars model. Regularly scheduled maintenance can happen at the perfect pause in your schedule, and our team of service professionals will look after you with the utmost care, sincerity, and efficiency. Your car should always be running in top condition, and routine scheduled maintenance keeps your prizefighter in tip-top shape no matter what round it is.

What happens at the end of a Volvo XC90 lease?

At the conclusion of a Volvo XC90 lease, you'll be greeted with three options. You can extend your lease further, taking on your current automobile you've grown to love for a fixed term. Or, if you've truly grown inseparable, you can purchase your current Volvo vehicle within 15 days of your termination date. Our dealership makes it easy to convert the car you regularly drive into one no longer tied to a lease agreement. For example, you can purchase a Volvo XC90 for sale here. Lastly, there's the option of leasing or purchasing a new Volvo Cars model. Scheduling a test drive and finding your way into a new lease is as easy as making a call, visiting our website, or talking to one of our showroom or service staff members the next time you're in.

Upgrade Your Lease: Try a Volvo XC90 Subscription

The new Volvo Subscription program is an advantageous benefit available with all of our Volvo XC90 finance offers. Subscribers enjoy all types of benefits not normally available in Volvo XC90 lease specials. Learn more through some of our most commonly asked questions about the Volvo Subscription service.

Is a Volvo XC90 subscription worth it?

Overall worth always depends on your particular situation and future, but the benefits available in the Volvo Subscription program are second to none. Signing up gains you a lease limit of 1,250 miles per month, offers you the ability to switch cars every four months, and allows you to cancel your subscription without penalty after four months of your lease term have passed.

While other lease deals are based on strict terms that don't budge for anything, leases established in the Volvo Subscription program come in various term limits and with an option for a 24-month abbreviated lease term. Those are just a couple of more ways Volvo XC90 lease deals outshine their competition.

What doesn't a Volvo XC90 subscription include?

Registration fees and vehicle taxes in your state are not covered under the Volvo Subscription program. Instead, you'll be tasked with taking care of those tasks up front or may be able to have the dealer tack them on to your monthly payment. Basic elements from lease deals, such as APR, lease terms, and the principal, will all still apply. Your down payment, however, will be covered by the first month's subscription fee.

Who does a Volvo XC90 subscription benefit?

If you're somebody who likes to get into the car and go often, this Volvo Subscription service may prove very useful to you as a frequent driver. This program offers approximately 5,000 more miles per year than more common lease deals, and it includes a significant amount of car-damage-repair credit to handle bumps, bruises, scrapes, and minor dents. It also offers the rare chance to be able to switch out vehicles within a year. If something else looks like it's more your speed or more fun to drive, the Volvo Subscription program will allow you to ditch that sleek sedan or durable compact car out for a gleaming Volvo XC90 lease.

Volvo XC90 APR/Finance Offers

Volvo Cars stands out from other producers of luxury SUVs for having lease deals that make sense for all families. That's why our team of specialists works with you to find the ideal selection for you amongst our Volvo XC90 finance offers. Our set of specials allows drivers dead-set on gaining access to a sturdy SUV to have the car they've always wanted without committing to her for a lifetime. Customers will enjoy lease rates that are built to give local drivers the most optimum opportunity and be able to purchase 1.99% APR1 on Volvo XC90 lease deals.

XC90 Finance Picture

XC90 Finance & APR Deals

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Is it better to lease or purchase a Volvo XC90?

Purchasing or leasing a new or certified pre-owned vehicle always comes down to personal choice. Whether leasing or purchasing is a better option fully depends on what your driving demands are for this upcoming vehicle. If you plan to drive a ton and accumulate wear quickly but don't want to have to combat your many miles traveled with countless trips to the service station, perhaps a lease is best. Signing up for a Volvo XC90 lease deal, for example, allows you to gather your most precious passengers into a gleaming, beaming, brand-new SUV without having to worry about passing her off to the eldest sibling someday.

However, if you are in the market for a reliable SUV that can take on any challenge but also has the durability to someday be passed down as a family heirloom, consider purchasing a new Volvo Cars model. Whether you're ready for a sedan, compact car, wagon, or SUV, Volvo Cars has vehicles throughout the lineup that take home the top prizes each year for safety, value, and sustainability. They're not only fantastic the day you drive them home in a blaze of gleeful glory but on and on for many miles. Volvo Cars engineers and designers are immensely proud of the fact that Volvo Cars SUVs continue to do the heavy lifting well after you've taken your new toy for her first spin.

Volvo XC90 Lease Offers vs. Competitors

Volvo Cars doesn't sit at the table alone when it comes to the ultra-competitive top-tier of luxury SUVs. Numerous models from speedy stalwarts like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Tesla all serve as high-class competitors, while the durability and strength of five-, six-, and seven-seat behemoths from Subaru, Volkswagen, and more stand stoutly as well.

Volvo Cars SUVs set themselves apart because they capture the premium in-cabin experience you expect from a private plane and distribute it throughout your new family car's comfort-based touch of soothing materials and storage spaces. Drivers feel supported by safety and infotainment systems centered around doing as much as possible, as quickly as possible, with as little of the driver's focus taken away as possible. Nappa leather clothes a possible seven seats with the flourish of a flamenco dancer. You'll love long rides alongside loved ones with plenty of room for all.

On the exterior, you're getting a car streamlined to make the most of its frame for space and speed. Signing a Volvo XC90 lease deal at our one-stop-shop for cars and car care in Buford, GA, will change your garage forever. Competitors struggle to offer a vehicle that can do everything the Volvo XC90 can and also fail to offer comparable Volvo XC90 lease specials for drivers near Atlanta. Our offers not only feature amazing models that will capture countless adventures for you and your family; they're done through a hassle-free process that emphasizes clarity and transparency from start to finish.

No matter whether you're deciding to purchase or lease your next vehicle, you're welcome in our home any time. For us, this business has been and will always be about helping our local community move their lives forward. We spend more time in our cars than nearly anywhere else, and we truly delight in sending customers off of our lot in a car we know they'll love for many miles to come.

Customize a Volvo XC90 Lease Deal That Fits You

Part of what makes our car-leasing experience different from others is the customization available within your lease. As we've mentioned previously, adjustments to your lease term, mileage limits, and even the model of car itself can be altered when you sign up for the Volvo Subscription program. With a boatload of benefits like that rising to the top, this new program from Volvo Cars is set to make leases an even more advantageous proposition for eager drivers throughout Georgia.

We're proud to provide a myriad of models to choose from for our fellow Georgians and to provide service at the highest level possible for our fellow drivers. Our team is full of car geeks and under-the-hood geniuses that know each and every inch of every Volvo Cars model inside and out. It's our immense pleasure to put that knowledge to work on your behalf and to get you into a car that is in tip-top shape, so you can seize the day, week, month, and year.

We've all been stuck on the side of the road or humming along clunkily in a car that's on the last version of its last legs. A quick trip to our do-it-all dealership may be able to take you from that old car funk and put you into something that brings out more and more smiles by the mile. Come on down to our showroom, and one of our super-friendly team members will help you begin your new car journey. We can't wait to meet you and send you on your way in a car you just can't stop raving about.

Whether it's buying a new sedan that's on your mind or you've caught yourself salivating over a Volvo XC90 lease deal again, reach out to our store or visit us today. We're ready for you!

11.99% APR applies to all 2021 Volvo vehicles, excluding the XC40 Recharge Pure Electric P8, and is not combinable with Purchase Bonus. APR financing is available up to 60 months at $17.52 per month per $1,000 financed for 2021 models. 0.99% APR applies to 2021 XC40 Recharge Pure Electric P8, and is not combinable with Purchase Bonus. APR financing is available up to 60 months at $17.09 per month per $1,000 financed for 2021 XC40 Recharge Pure Electric P8. Offer available to qualified customers that meet Volvo Car Financial Services (VCFS) credit standards at authorized Volvo Retailers. Down payment will vary with APR and credit qualifications. Not everyone will qualify for credit approval or advertised APR regardless of down payment. Advertised financing does not include taxes, title, registration, and license fees. All offers are subject to vehicle availability. Must take delivery of vehicle between May 1, 2021 and June 1, 2021. See your participating Volvo Retailer for details.