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If you love having it all, then the Volvo XC40 should be at the top of your shopping list. Advanced features and luxury are found in every model, with trim designations enhancing only design and drive types. Since the introduction of the Volvo XC40 just a few short years ago, she's won innumerable awards that honor innovation, design, safety, value & more. Ahead of the competition in just about every way, the Volvo XC40 is going to change the way you think about compact SUV ownership. Smaller doesn't mean spartan. In fact, the opposite is true with the Volvo XC40. See why below!

The Volvo XC40 Highlights

Since the introduction of the Volvo XC40 in 2018, she's enjoyed numerous accolades and red-carpet moments from the automotive press. She came off the assembly line with many innovative standard features that many of her competitors are still scrambling to include, just to keep up. In our opinion, nothing says it better than owning the title of Car of the Year & European Car of the Year. Titles that have been won numerous times, from multiple sources including Wheels, What Car?, Carsales, and an association of European Auto Agencies.

Any Volvo XC40 found in showrooms today is part of this award-winning first generation. Additionally, the Volvo XC40 is the first Volvo vehicle in the portfolio to offer a fully EV model. As part of Volvo Cars' commitment to being environmentally neutral by 2040, the Volvo XC40 has paved the way for other fully electrified models such as the forthcoming Volvo C40 and Volvo XC90.

Volvo XC40 Trims & Pricing

We love that moment in our showrooms when our guests discover that there is way more to the Volvo XC40 than meets the eye. Every model trim offers an exceptional list of standard features that add up into the thousands with other manufacturers. You can select from the following trims:

  • The Volvo XC40 Momentum starting MSRP $33,7001
  • The Volvo XC40 R-Design starting MSRP $38,9501
  • The Volvo XC40 Inscription starting MSRP $39,4501
  • The Volvo XC40 Recharge EV starting MSRP $53,9901

Every gorgeous Volvo XC40 trim includes modern essentials like leather seating, the Volvo On Call app, adaptive LED headlights, LED DRLs, LED tail lights, a 12.3” configurable driver display center, a 9” touchscreen infotainment center, voice command, Bluetooth connectivity, forward & rear collision alerts, blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, lane-keep assist, oncoming collision mitigation, run-off-road protection, and autonomous emergency braking.

Chief Competitors for the Volvo XC40

In the compact luxury SUV segment, there are a few leading rivals for the Volvo XC40. These include the Audi Q3, the BMW X1, the Mercedes GLA, and the Lexus NX. In our opinion, the closest competitor to the Volvo XC40 is the BMW X1. The X1 offers more standard safety features than other entries (though not more than the Volvo XC40), and it also includes complimentary 3yr/36k mile maintenance, just like the Volvo XC40. The X1 does not offer leather as a standard appointment, but that can be overlooked by the value added from complimentary scheduled maintenance. In terms of the other vehicles in this category, they're either down on power, light on luxury, lean on standard safety, devoid of complimentary 3yr/36k mile maintenance, or worse: all of the above.

Volvo XC40 Engines & Powertrain

This category is what really separates the Volvo XC40 from the pack. Luxury & safety are standard. But what kind of driver are you? How much traction do you need? Are you looking for the most fuel-efficient drive, or do you want to abandon fuel consumption altogether? Choose from the following engines and drive types:

  • The T4 Engine - Is a turbocharged 4cyl engine that produces an impressive 187hp. T4 models are FWD only.

  • The T5 Engine - Is a turbocharged 4cyl engine that produces a spirited 250hp. T5 examples will allow you to choose between FWD or AWD.

  • The P8 EV - Is a fully electric powertrain that deploys two electric motors at each axle, thus creating full-time eAWD. The P8 is a 75-kWh lithium-Ion battery that produces an astonishing 402hp.

T4 & T5 models both snug up to the Volvo Geartronic 8-speed transmission that comes with selectable drive modes, including a mode that you can customize. The P8 is a single-speed direct-drive engine/transmission unit.

Volvo XC40 Performance & Specs

The Volvo XC40 is a real driver's vehicle. All of them are designed for agility, capability, and comfort on any journey. All variants stretch from 174" end to end and stand 65" tall and 73" wide. Cargo volume is spacious with 20.7 cubes in the loadspace area or 47.2 cubic feet with the rear seats folded. Be on the lookout for an optional cargo package that offers a hidden parcel area below the trunk floor.

As seen above, you find 187hp to 402hp, with the fastest of them getting from 0-60 in a touch over 4 seconds. Other variants find 60mph in about 6 seconds, give or take. All examples offer a 3500lb tow capacity when properly equipped.

Volvo XC40 MPG & More

No matter which Volvo XC40 you choose, you'll spend more time behind the wheel and less time at filling stations (if you even stop there at all).2 The T4 is rated by the EPA to give 23/32 mpg, while the T5 earns an EPA estimate of 22/30 mpg. The Volvo XC40 Recharge EV has an EPA estimated range of 120/110 MPG-e. So let's take a moment and decode what all this "estimated range" and "MPG-e" business means.

When you see phrasing like "The EPA estimates that…" It's because numbers will vary based on a variety of factors. The EPA estimates are the best possible values achieved by consistent testing in optimal conditions. So what does "miles per gallon" mean when there are no gallons of anything? That's where MPG-e comes into play. This is the electro-powered equivalent of stored energy turned into kinetic energy. Just as fuel turns into energy, so does stored electricity. Though as you can see, stored electric energy is nearly twice as efficient as conventional power sources.

Volvo XC40 Color Options

This is one of our favorite topics of discussion. The Volvo XC40 features stunning colors to choose from, as well as several wheel options and exterior enhancements such as contrast roof paints, multi-colored roof rails, body kits, and diamond-turned wheels. Here’s a breakdown of exterior coloring options, as well as what model designations make them available:

  • Black Stone Exterior Solid (Momentum, R-Design, Inscription, & Recharge)
  • Onyx Black Metallic Exterior (Momentum, R-Design, Inscription, & Recharge)
  • Thunder Gray Metallic Exterior (Momentum, R-Design, Inscription, & Recharge)
  • Pebble Gray Metallic Exterior (Inscription)
  • Glacier Silver Metallic Exterior (Momentum, R-Design, Inscription)
  • Crystal White Metallic Exterior (Momentum, R-Design, Inscription, & Recharge)
  • Fusion Red Metallic Exterior (Momentum, R-Design, Inscription, & Recharge)
  • Bursting Blue Metallic Exterior (R-Design & Recharge)
  • Denim Blue Metallic Exterior (Momentum & Inscription)
  • Sage Green Metallic Exterior (Recharge)

Thankfully, your job choosing an interior color is made much easier with the four fabulous color packages including:

  • Blonde Leather (Momentum & Inscription)
  • Amber Leather (Momentum & Inscription)
  • Charcoal Leather (Momentum, R-Design, & Inscription)
  • Oxide Red Leather (Momentum & Inscription)

To complete your look, speak with one of our Volvo Cars design specialists about the world of personalized accessories including all weather protection, pet-carrying solutions, cargo-carrying, and lifestyle equipment that will signal to anyone just what you’re about!

Volvo XC40 Seating & Cargo

Your Volvo XC40 is a luxury vehicle through and through. That's why every model offers leather seating as a standard appointment. Bluetooth connectivity, steering wheel controls, and voice command makes any in-car operation a breeze. Everything is easily within reach, including secret storage, flip-out bag hooks, and even your removable trash bin.

With seating for five, every Volvo XC40 enjoys 95 cubic feet of passenger volume (sliding right between the X1 and GLA). That's a lot of room to stretch out, even for taller passengers. Independent multi-link suspension supports all corners for a compliant and precise ride. Oversized disk brakes offer tremendous stopping power with 13.6" up front and 11.9" in the rear. In a real-world cargo test, the Volvo XC40 allows you to stuff about 25 carry-on-sized bags into the entire cargo hold with the rear seats folded.

Volvo XC40 Interior Features

All seats are built with comfort padding so that everyone feels refreshed along the way and especially at journey's end. One of the most unique interior features of the Volvo XC40 are the whiplash mitigating front seats that have been proven to reduce serious spinal injury in the event of a collision. You would think that this added protection comes at the cost of space. But it doesn't. These seats are also designed to optimize rear legroom for passengers. And let's face it, they also keep the kicking feet of younger passengers further away.

Other unique features add to the luxurious style of the Volvo XC40, and they're yours for the choosing. Be on the lookout for metal mesh inlays, wood veneers, and open-pore driftwood dash accents. The most adventurous of you will love to play "The Floor Is Lava" quite literally with the Lava Design package. This unique styling option adds Lava Red flooring, carpeting, door panel inserts, and stitching throughout your vehicle. Cool things down a bit with a custom gear shifter in Orrefors crystal.

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable features inside the Volvo XC40 is one of the features that you can conveniently use from the outside. With the Volvo On Call app installed on your smartphone or smart device, you can easily precondition your cabin climate before your arrival. Imagine packing up after being at the beach all day. Lava Design Package or not, the interior of your Volvo XC40 is an inferno when the sun's been beating down all day. With just a few quick taps, you can get your vehicle running and cooled to your required temperature while staying locked until you arrive.

Volvo XC40 Infotainment & Tech

The Volvo XC40 led the way by implementing a 12.3" configurable driver's display at the instrument cluster. This convenient (and cool looking) piece of technology lets you display the information that's most valuable to you front and center. Even if you prefer to have navigation or radio information displayed, you'll never lose sight of the vitals such as speed and fuel, as this information relocates elsewhere. There is a wide range of flexibility with this display, and it's best to ask a sales specialist for a demonstration.

Above the center stack controls, you'll find the 9" Sensus Touch infotainment center. Here, you can control your favorite app as well as a variety of cabin features. USB & USB-C ports are standard, but you can add a 12V outlet in the cargo area with the Advanced Package (that also includes 360 cameras, semi-autonomous driving, and more) as well.

Volvo XC40 Safety

If you looked up the word "safety" in the dictionary, you might expect to see any number of Volvo cars as the picture assigned to the definition. Even though we have provided the automotive industry with leading safety designs like shatterproof glass, the three-point seat belt, and side-impact beams, we're always innovating. And sharing. In fact, we have made over 50 years of our crash-test data available to the industry so that other OEMs can build better, safer cars.

Your new Volvo XC40 comes with an innovative sub-structure made out of five grades of steel. This design absorbs, deflects, and protects your precious cargo from collision energy. It's more expensive to build a car this way, but your safety is where we draw the line. Evasive steering and braking can also protect you from oncoming traffic. Alerts and vehicle inputs can protect you when you don't see other objects along the way. Your Volvo XC40 can even mitigate injury by helping to avoid (or even brace for) impacts related to running off the side of a road. Safety goes into everything we do at Volvo Cars.

Your Volvo XC40 Warranty

It's nice to know you're protected when you need it. You're covered by a comprehensive 4yr/50k mile warranty that also includes complimentary roadside assistance with benefits like emergency fuel, lock-out assistance, flats, battery jumps, and towing. Maintenance is also covered for the first 3yr or 36k miles.

Looking beyond the warranty period, you'll also love the fact that all of our service work (excluding wear items like brakes & tires) is guaranteed for life. In other words, if a part needs to be replaced, you'll pay for the repair once. Should it fail down the line, we'll replace it and cover the cost of materials and labor. This is one of the most comprehensive service campaigns in the industry, and we encourage you to explore other unique benefits like our service packages and Volvo Assurance.

Volvo XC40 Package Upgrades

If you’ve made it down this far, the Volvo XC40 undoubtedly has your interest. And why wouldn’t she? Each one is beautiful and packed with features and value. At this point, have we earned the right to say “but wait, there’s more!?” Add to your Volvo XC40 with these popular packages:

  • The Protection Package Premier ($470) - This includes license plate frames, all-weather floor mats, cargo mat, and security wheel locks.

  • The Climate Package ($750) - Adds heated windshield washer nozzles, heated steering wheel, and heated rear seats (hey, rear-seat passengers are people, too!).

  • The Advanced Package ($1500) - Includes wireless charging, Pilot Assist (semi-autonomous drive), adaptive cruise, 360-degree cameras, a cargo area 12V socket, headlight washer nozzles, and the interior high-level illumination system.

  • The Premium Package ($2200) - Includes factory navigation, hidden storage in the cargo hold, keyless entry & power liftgate, power folding rear headrests, two-zone auto climate with cleanzone technology, homelink garage door link, power passenger seating, and forward park assist.

The 2021 Volvo XC40. From Sweden, With Love.

Curious about how it will all work? Wondering about your Volvo SUVs operation once everything has been assembled? Discover what Volvo XC40 reliability & performance means when Volvo Cars brings you to Sweden to receive your vehicle for delivery. Go over all the details at the factory, and let a Volvo Cars specialist train you right where your Volvo XC40 was made. Spend your two weeks virtually anywhere in Europe, then drop your Volvo XC40 off at a factory center and have your vehicle shipped right to your door, compliments of Volvo Cars. Intrigued? This little-known secret is one of the most enjoyable aspects of buying a new Volvo vehicle. Speak with one of our specialists here and get ready to renew your love for the road.

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2Values are EPA estimates. Your results will vary based on a variety of factors like vehicle condition, weather, driving style, and many others.