Volvo XC40 Lease Deals, Offers and Specials

Personalized Volvo XC40 lease deals are just a scroll away at Volvo Cars Mall of Georgia! We'll flesh out all the information you need to see how we structure your Volvo XC40 lease like no one else does. In fact, during the two short years we've been open, our sales process has earned us the prestigious Volvo Excellence Award. So not only are you getting a Volvo vehicle from an award-winning dealership, but you've also chosen the right award-winning Volvo SUV.

The Volvo XC40 for sale at our dealership has been cited as the Luxury Family Vehicle of the Year, Best Luxury Vehicle, & The European Car of the Year. And it received the highest crash-test ratings from the NHTSA & the IIHS. This month's Volvo XC40 lease offers from the factory include the Volvo XC40 T4 Momentum, the Volvo XC40 T5 Momentum, and the Volvo XC40 T5 R-Design AWD. At Volvo Cars Mall Of Georgia, we can work with you to create favorable Volvo XC40 lease deals on these trims:

  • Lease the Volvo XC40 T4 Momentum: includes a 187hp turbocharged engine, FWD, Volvo Intellisafe Driver Safety, and leather interior.

  • Lease the Volvo XC40 T5 AWD Momentum: adds a 250hp turbocharged engine & AWD, which complement the adaptive LED headlights, LED DRLs, LED taillights, and full smartphone connectivity (which are all found on every Volvo XC40 model).

  • Lease the Volvo XC40 T5 AWD R-Design: includes a trim-specific leather interior and body styling on top of a 12.3" digital cluster, a 9" infotainment center, and configurable drive modes with a custom setting for you to personalize (all of this is available on every Volvo XC40 trim).

XC40 T4 Momentum

XC40 T4 FWD Momentum

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XC40 T5 AWD Momentum

XC40 T5 AWD Momentum

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XC40 T5 AWD R-Design

XC40 T5 AWD R-Design

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  1. How many miles are allowed on Volvo XC40 leases & what is the over-mileage fee? Factory leases are optimized at 10k miles/year. We can customize your lease to suit your mileage needs, or you can pay for extra miles at lease completion for .25 cents a mile.
  2. Is routine maintenance included on Volvo XC40 leases? Complimentary maintenance is offered for 3yr/36k miles with enhanced Volvo Valet pick up & delivery.
  3. What happens at the end of a Volvo XC40 lease? Have your last nine payments waived when you get into your next Volvo vehicle. Our pull-ahead program is robust and allows you the ultimate flexibility to continue leasing the latest from Volvo Cars.
  4. How to structure my best lease ($0 down or lower monthly payment)? We'll dive into this in more detail below, but you've already made the smartest move by coming to see us. We've got you covered.

Upgrade Your Lease: Try a Volvo XC40 Subscription

If you're interested in a Volvo XC40 lease, you might also love the added flexibility of a Volvo XC40 subscription. We call this innovative program Care by Volvo. This may be right for you if you love the idea of a short-term contract and the ability to jump in and out of a Volvo vehicle every four months while having an all-inclusive monthly payment.

Manage your vehicle selection and delivery from a completely online portal with just one monthly payment that covers 1250mi/month, comprehensive coverage insurance, and wear & tear credit. Sound interesting? Speak with one of our Care by Volvo specialists to learn more about this incredible offer to drive a Volvo home today.

XC40 Finance & APR Deals

XC40 T5 AWD R-Design

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  1. Is a Volvo XC40 subscription worth it? Many of our drivers prefer to have enhanced flexibility as well as cost-saving benefits of an all-inclusive payment. The mileage allowance with Care by Volvo is more generous than the standard lease from the factory. Keep in mind that trade-ins are not allowed, and accessories (such as racks) cannot be rolled into your payment.
  2. What doesn't a Volvo XC40 Subscription include? Program payments are advertised at the national level, which means that your local vehicle taxes and registration fees will be added to your monthly payment.
  3. Who does a Volvo XC40 subscription benefit? Anyone! If you drive 15k miles per year (1250mi/mo) and would enjoy short-term commitments like 24mo contracts, then Care by Volvo may be perfect for you. With the ability to switch into another Care by Volvo vehicle every four months, you can drive the latest SUV in the winter and the most recent sports-sedan in the summer!

Volvo XC40 APR/Finance Offers

Volvo Cars makes it easy to own your Volvo XC40 with attractive Volvo XC40 finance offers. For this month, you can enjoy finance rates as low as .99% on your purchase. Considering that a Volvo car holds the Guinness Book Record for the highest mileage in a vehicle (3.3 million miles), it's fair to say that ownership of a Volvo vehicle offers incredible long-term value. Your investment is further protected by a lifetime warranty on all repairs made here with Genuine Volvo Parts.

XC40 Finance & APR Deals

XC40 Finance & APR Deals

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With so many cost-saving advantages with our Volvo XC40 finance offers, the next question is an obvious one: "Is it better to lease or purchase a Volvo XC40?" In the end, this is a personal choice that hinges mostly on how much you drive and how long you like to keep your vehicles.

Whether you take advantage of our purchasing or Volvo XC40 leasing programs, both of them help you take home a beautiful Volvo XC40 without paying in full, up front. In general, our clients who drive upwards of 18k miles per year will finance with us as the monthly payment is competitive (and often less than a lease payment). Other Volvo car drivers who stay local and prefer to have the latest model every 2–3 years will lease. Either way you go, Volvo Cars Mall of Georgia is here to ensure that the most cost-effective payment is achieved.

Volvo XC40 Lease Offers vs. Competitors

When comparing comparable model trims from other OEMs (though we might insist that nothing actually compares to a Volvo vehicle), you'll quickly see where the value is with a Volvo XC40 lease. With a low down payment and a lower monthly payment (please see table below), you take home incredible luxury and safety features that only add to the price of other OEM offers.

With respect to the vehicle's standard equipment, the Volvo XC40 offers you adaptive LED lighting, LED DRLs, LED taillights, leather, 21"+ of digital displays, forward collision warning, rear cross-traffic detection, lane-keep assist, lane departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, park assist sensors, run-off-road protection, and autonomous emergency braking (just to name a few). Neither of the Audi Q3 engines is as powerful as ours, and they reserve tech and safety features for top models. Audi only offers 1yr scheduled maintenance.

Similarly, the only engine offered in the BMW X1 falls short on horsepower compared to the T5. The starting price of the BMW is considerably more than the Volvo XC40, and curiously, leather seating will cost you even more if you want it. Perhaps the least competitive option is found in the Mercedes GLA 250. It is the most expensive of all of them, and it is short on horsepower, light on standard safety features, charges extra for leather, offers puny digital displays, and doesn't include any complimentary maintenance. Yikes.

Customize a Volvo XC40 Lease Deal That Fits You.

Volvo Cars Mall of Georgia crafts Volvo XC40 lease deals that often outpace the OEM programs. Most manufacturers offer incentives on select vehicles, which means that anything else you might discover in the showroom is excessively priced, almost forcing you to take the lease special. Not here. We know that your needs don't often align with the flavor of the month, so we will work with you to create a deal that is second to none. When you work with one of our Volvo Cars sales specialists, you can expect to be asked:

  • How you'll use the vehicle (work, recreation, mileage, etc.)
  • What your target payment is
  • And what you typically like to use as a down payment

Whether you lease or finance, keep in mind that the more you put down, the smaller your monthly payment will be. Additionally, the longer your term (32mo, 36mo, & 39mo with a lease or 48mo, 60mo, 72mo, 84mo with finance), the smaller your payment becomes. But keep in mind that your down payment doesn't "make your car cost less." It only makes your payment smaller.

A general rule to follow is knowing that your payment will swing up or down $30/mo for every $1000 down. For instance, if you take the current lease special on the T4 Momentum for $335/mo @ 36mo with $3835 down, you can pay $315/mo with about $4835 down. Alternatively, you can put $0 down on that very same car and see your monthly payment become $450/mo, respectively. In the end, your total cost of ownership will be the same whether you put more or less money down up front.

We hope that our comprehensive Volvo XC40 lease page has shed some light on the competition, the benefits of leasing vs. buying, and what you'll experience as our sales specialists curate a deal that is truly your own. We're proud to have won the prestigious Volvo Excellence Award since we've opened our doors. And we'll fill you in on a little secret as to how we've been able to do that:

Here at Volvo Cars Mall of Georgia, you don't need to go for the monthly special to drive home a beautiful new Volvo car with a great deal. Whether you lease or finance, we work with you to make sure that any transaction with us is special.